Elixir, Vol. II: Election

by Professor and the Madman

Released 2016
Released 2016
This second volume of "Elixir" is more heavy and edgy than the dark, goth-edged first volume "Good Evening, Sir!". While the basic influences of The Beatles, Damned and Pink Floyd still form the foundation, a post-punk "Nirvana" type feel is present.
This is the second installment of Professor and the Madman's "Elixir". The first volume was a dark, goth-edged trip with plenty of power that told a Faustian tale. This second volume, "Election", looks at the dark side of American politics as inspired by the fictional character Greg Stillson from Stephen King's "Dead Zone". Once again, Professor and the Madman use the individual songs in the whole volume to tell an intriguing story in 30 minutes.
In the studio, Professor and the Madman are Alfie Agnew, Sean Elliott, and Rat Scabies, who made their name in the 70's and 80's punk scenes of Southern California and the UK. Musically, the volume is (as usual) very eclectic. The main influences for the tracks are once again The Damned, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. However, there are definite post-punk elements such as Nirvana to be found on tracks such as "Peace Bomb". Elixir volumes are meant to be listened to from start to finish, much like "Dark Side of the Moon".
So sit back, put on the headphones, and let Professor and the Madman take you on another half hour journey with Election!