Good Evening, Sir!

by Professor and the Madman

Released 2016
Released 2016
This volume is a dark, psychedelic roller coaster of sonic stories with influences ranging from The Damned to Pink Floyd.
Professor and the Madman are Alfie Agnew, Sean Elliott (both veterans of the Orange County music scene) and Rat Scabies (veteran of the UK music scene). Each volume of "Elixir" is themed, crossing genres as in a soundtrack. The first volume, "Good Evening, Sir!", is a darkly psychedelic offering with a Faustian theme: A "desperate man" seeks the "devil's bargain"! Depending on the volume, you will find influences ranging from The Damned and early punk to Pink Floyd and The Beatles. So close the door or roll up the window, and let the show begin! Elixir II: Election coming out soon....