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Elixir I: Good Evening, Sir! - Digital download or physical CD

First full-length release from PATM. Featuring Alfie Agnew, Sean Elliott, and Rat Scabies.

Elixir I: Good Evening, Sir! A dark, energetic, gothic trip exploring various sonic stories and images loosely constructed around the classical Faustian tale.... The journey starts with the hopeful, if melancholy "Desperate Man", offering his soul to you-know-who in order to "empty out this pain, fill it back up with fortune and fame". The roller coaster then hits full speed with the powerful "Nightmare" (retitled from "nevermore"), paying homage to the great E.A.Poe and his feathered friend. "Dearest Foe" is a groovy 60's rocker that delves into the evolution of addiction. "The Snake": Sometimes another person decides you are the reason for all the bad in their life and in the world.... We then take a hard right to Haunted House, a Floydian exploration of madness and right into FilmStar, a funky fave chronicling a star's decent into Hollywood-itis. The return journey brings us full circle with "Devi's Bargain", where as in life so it is with the Devil: All bills come due and must be paid!